Make yourself proud
Girl. seventeen. She just wants to be happy and comfortable with her body. So that's the goal: make herself proud. SW:209lbs CW: 192lbs GW2: 190lbs GW3:180lbs GW4:170lbs GW5:160lbs GW6:150lbs GW7:140lbs


This is a very motivational site:

No, I’m not a member but every now and then the lbs counter goes a few lbs up. How inspiring and how clear to know you’re not alone in this. Really, makes me wanna eat even more clean than I’m already doing.

Going for a 60-minute walk right now. Bye!

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Good evening my gentle followers

I went for a walk with my dog this afternoon. It was real good. Relaxing after all the studying. The sun was shining so that made it ever better. My dog was really happy I went for a walk with her, which made me smile.

Then I eat some salad (lettuce, tomatoes and apple) with chicken. Added some spices and sweet hot chili sauce instead of dressing and holy cow, it was hot! But like we like to say, start to lovethe burn.

Then I studied some more, did my 30 mins cardio workout and in some minutes I’ll do mean abs june. Day 12 already, I’m not sure my muscles are strong enough but my restday is tomorrow, so I’ll push a little harder.

I want to weigh myself, but it’s like way too early in the week.

Did you workout today? :)

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