Make yourself proud
Girl. seventeen. She just wants to be happy and comfortable with her body. So that's the goal: make herself proud. SW:209lbs CW: 192lbs GW2: 190lbs GW3:180lbs GW4:170lbs GW5:160lbs GW6:150lbs GW7:140lbs
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Another pound? Hell to the yes

Guess who has lost another pound? Yeah, baby, that’s me! Excuse me for the weird intro, I’m just all lovey dovey about the fact that the scale said 201,7lbs yesterday morning. Don’t you know how close that is to my first goal weight? Also my mom says she sees difference in my face and legs (!!!). I find my legs probably the most teribble part of my body and now they’re getting skinnier and more toned up. That definitely puts a big smile on my face.

I’ve decided to do a promo when I reach GW1! so everyone who wants to help me doing that, message me :)

I’ve already lost 10% of my total goal (30kg aka 66 pounds) and wow I’m so proud of myself. It definitely isn’t easy, but I’m holding on and keep pushing myself because I know in the end it’ll be all worth it.

In an hour I’ll be off to the city, buying a beautiful pants in size 42 (if google is right that’s a 36 in UK and a 14 in USA, but correct me if I’m wrong, please!) So motivation come to ya mommy because I’m gonna rock that pants in a few months! I’m so hoping I won’t be able to wear my current clothes, that would mean a lot of progress!

Enjoy your sunday, followers :)

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