Make yourself proud
Girl. seventeen. She just wants to be happy and comfortable with her body. So that's the goal: make herself proud. SW:209lbs CW: 192lbs GW2: 190lbs GW3:180lbs GW4:170lbs GW5:160lbs GW6:150lbs GW7:140lbs

Some rambling

Sooo, I’m gonna go for a powernap, because I’ve been lacking some sleep lately. Luckily I found back my flow, so I’m actually able to study some for my exams (which is good, because it freaked me out that I had no motivation nor control). Less than a week. It’s still so weird to think about it, 1/3 of my life took place in that school, with this class and in three weeks it will all be over.

Anyway, time for a nap aaaand some running tonight. I need to write some articles on running as well, but I can do that later. Tomorrow we’ll probably go to our residential house near the forest and I’m already planning on getting on a good, long walk with the dog. She’ll love me for it, hahaha. 

(Btw, not counting is working fantastic, although I haven’t weighed myself, I feel like my metabolism is finding it’s flow back too). 

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OMYGOSHHHH, that’s another -0,7kg down! I can’t believe it is finally working again. I’m so eager to see that moment that I’m under de 190lbs, which I haven’t been in… what?! 2 years? Yeaaah!

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This a very quick note about a very amazing moment that happened today: I weighed in -0.7kg lighter (but I’m pretty sure it 1KG/2lbs or even more because my muscles must have retained a lot of water after my heavy fitness work-out Tuesday night). OMG YES! THAT’S FINALLY SOME WEIGHT LOSS :) 

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I’m being so stressed lately. My eating habits are turning into devils again and I haven’t had a lot of vegetables and fruit last week. Taking into account that it was reasonable because my mom got an eye infection and wasn’t able to cook properly, I can’t really blame anything.

But still, I didn’t do good. I actually lost quite some weight and then gained it back. Of course. My body has to be very frustrated about it. Sorry, lovely body, I’ll make it up to you.

This week I’ll eat totally clean. CLEAN I say. I’ll try to get my ass moving for 30 minutes a day, study until I fall asleep and read a new book.

I will not eat bad and let it slip again. And now I need to study, invest some time in work and do some yoga.

I found out that I love yoga, such a shame it’s hard to find a good place to do it in my village. So, Imma need to buy a yoga mat.

To do list:

  • Eat fucking clean. Because you can.
  • Study, study, study
  • Buy yourself a yoga mat and relaaaax
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I’m still alive, yuh

Soooo. You ask me if I’m still alive? Uh, yeah. This week is my shark week ánd my test week. So exercising was just really terrible, it was hard to find the time and still get good marks, so I changed the order of priorities. Next to that, I wasn’t really feeling like clean eating was necessary (biggest mistakes ever) and after a good work-out this morning I was super dizzy.

People, again. PROPER NUTRITION IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND YOUR BODY. I keep telling myself this and it still slips through my fingers sometimes.

So, now I don’t feel so good. But I need to study and do some homework because things are getting normal again. Except my best friends, who is being a pain in the ass for his ‘I’m not mad, but I don’t like you today either’-thing. Whatever.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on track and do the last 2 days of the 30 day Shred Level 1. Then it’s time for Level 2. And I need to go for a run, even it’s a short one.

But right now: school.

Enjoy your weekend sweeties!

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Bit of sad rambling

Today’s a bit of a sad day for me. It’s my rest day and it is making me really restless. Yesterday I had a good evening with my friends and we drank some alcohol, ate peanuts and ate more unhealthy stuff. We had a lot of fun and it made me really happy.

But today is a ‘my body is so fat’-day and I hate those. I can’t appreciate what I see in the mirror and it’s not even my shark week. I feel unhappy about it. I try to put motivation out off the muscular calves I have now and the fact that I can do some proper push-ups but it just seems not enough.

I’m in this for 6 months now. I have lost like 14lbs. It feels so little. I really want my body to change, am I not pushing hard enough then? Or just through the 30 Day Shred? Tomorrow’s Day 8…


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Did it!

And… that 30 Day Shred Day 3! Push-ups are still killing me, but the ab workouts are getting better :)

Lol… I typed 30. HAHA, wish it was that far already.

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30 Day Shred Day 2 finished

Woohoo! It was already getting easier. I was supposed to do this one yesterday but I had no time (couldn’t go running outside), so I did an extra vigorous gym work-out.

Wanted to go running + 30 Day Shred but it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Happened to find the work-out easier than yesterday, but the push-ups are still a pain in the ass.Now I’m gonna go on the stationary bike for 30 mins :)

But I’m improving myself no matter what, so yeah, I’m happy. Should I take some before pics?

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So, let’s get realistic

Okay. It’s time to be realistic now I’m feeling like my body is finally changing. I’ve got 7 months to make the best out of it, before my finals and before my prom.

That means with a goal at 142 I should lose 196-142= 54lbs. That would mean, lose 7 lbs a month. Lose about 1,5 pound a week.

That’s still possible. And being 150lbs at my prom will put a smile on my face too, so yeah.

This is it. I’m doing this for me. For next year. For every god damn dream I’ve ever had about clothes, body, boys. For the tears and all the sadness.

And I’m going to win. Yes, I am.

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Goals for today

  • Finish my homework. Just do it. It’s about the discipline, ok?
  • Study. Study a lot. It’s your final year, give everything you’ve got so you can be proud instead of sorry.
  • Update and refresh your tumblr. The better it looks, the more motivation you’ll get.
  • Go for a run. There’s a day ahead of you, you better the time to make changes.
  • Live. Relax. Do something fun. You deserve that, too.
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Chocolate craving

Okay, I’m really trying to distract myself with my homework from the chocolate bar inside my back. A friend gave it to me, because I helped him with a school thing and omg it’s so delicious. It’s dark chocolate from the chocolatier (no supermarket, no he only buys the best stuff haha) and we shared it. I only ate one piece, which benefits weight loss as well, but now I just need to be very strong.

Argh, the temptation of good (non processed) foods!

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I feel shitty today. The grandma of a former friend passed away yesterday and I told her that I was sorry and asked her how she was doing. I just wanted to be friendly but her response was the most ironical one ever. Like. ‘Dude, I’m doing a-fucking-mazing, fantastic, great, awesome. How do you THINK I’m doing?’

She really pissed me off, but I think she can’t help her reaction because I know how that feels when you’re sad but really, a normal answer isn’t so hard to do right?

Anyhow. I’m going for a run. It’s shark week. I’ve got cramps. I’m like super tired although I slept almost 12 hours.

A run it is. Fuck the rest of the world. It’s me-time.

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A bit about today

Well.. let’s say today’s eating could have been better. I didn’t eat a lot of crap, but quite a lot of bread (whole grains) and I had a very salty snack after 10 in the evening. It’s my shark week so my body is confused anyway. I think it was moderation though, and I drank a lot of water so it should be alright? Time to sleep now :)

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Reasons to run:

  • To run every bit of stress out of me
  • So I stop thinking for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Endorphines. Duh.
  • Runner legs. Hot.
  • Admiring nature, cooling down, feeling so in peace with the earth.
  • To turn my can’ts into cans.
  • Taking small steps to my goal
  • To thank my body after years of putting shit in it
  • To feel great
  • To gain confidence and self-esteem
  • To surprise everybody
  • To make myself proud

Really, do you even need more reason next to weight loss? I could find a 100 more, but that would be boring.

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New record

I ran 4K in 35 minutes. I went so fast. Driven by frustration and pain in my heart. But it’s a new record and it showed me new limits.

I’m proud.

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