Make yourself proud
Girl. seventeen. She just wants to be happy and comfortable with her body. So that's the goal: make herself proud. SW:209lbs CW: 192lbs GW2: 190lbs GW3:180lbs GW4:170lbs GW5:160lbs GW6:150lbs GW7:140lbs

I love today

Today is great. No, not great, today is fantastic. So productive already. In the morning after my driver lesson I went to the gym by bike (15min), did 20 minutes of cardio (stationary bike, elliptical) and another 40/45 minutes of weight lifting. Then I had to cycle back to home (15min) and ate peanut butter oatmeal with raisin. Yum.

I felt so strong. I am so proud I kept pushing myself even when I was so tired already. Next thing I’m gonna do is handing in my school books (the year is almost over) by bike, picking up the mail and have a nice spinach-salmon lasagne. Then I’ll go to work and I already know I’ll sleep so well tonight.

Do you guys feel this pretty awesome as well today? :)

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