Make yourself proud
Girl. seventeen. She just wants to be happy and comfortable with her body. So that's the goal: make herself proud. SW:209lbs CW: 192lbs GW2: 190lbs GW3:180lbs GW4:170lbs GW5:160lbs GW6:150lbs GW7:140lbs

Pain, study and prom!

Sooo, I though how about a little update while I exactly am supposed to be studying. (I always do this on the worst moments, but whatever). 

I had my first race last sunday and it was amazing. It was tough, because boy, I really had to walk because I went too fast and I had cramps and I literally thought: I am never gonna run again. But of course I will, especially because I ran a PR! 37’58 5K, hello beauty :)

And… now I have an injury. A big one, a tendinitis (if you people know what I mean?) and I have medication for it, so yeah, that sucks a little. Especially because it’s forbidden to go for a run for 2 weeks! And within one week I’ll visit London and it just sucks that walking is kind of a punishment…

But okay, I’m fine! My last two exams are coming, one within 3 hours and the other one tomorrow noon. And then is my prom… Oh boy, I am so excited! 

(I just hope my foot won’t hurt in those heels, why do I always get feet injuries?)

So now I’m gonna study some more and… hopefully I’ll hit the gym once this week because it’s been quite some time due to the these exams…

Anyway, take care lovelies! 

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Okay, so I just found out that Jillian Michaels her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is really considered an advanced work-out. 

Say what, I have already built that much of endurance then?! Had no idea :) Felt like I still was such a beginner.


Girl, put your shit together. Like really, you’ve been so lazy lately. What are you thinking, stuff is gonna happen overnight without putting effort in it or what?

You used to work out 6 days and now you have trouble with 4 days. I don’t care it’s your period or that your exams are tomorrow. You need to take care of your mind and body and you’re not doing that by eating chocolate and laying in bed. Like, not at all.

end of rant for myself.

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You know, sometimes I just would like to lose all this fat just so people could see that I’m fairly active and doing all I can. That I indeed can run 5K’s 3 times a week. That I go to the gym 2-3x a week. That I work out and sweat and don’t look pretty at those times - but that it makes me feel great. That I put effort in eating like an athlete and thinking like a nutritionist because I want to take care of my body. 

And there I am, still overweight and obese - but feeling fuckingtastic inside. At least I hope my skin glows when people see me and that their judgements might be a little less harsh. 

Anyone who feels me?

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